Shopify App for Secure Transactions and Fraud Detection


Tech Stack

  • Integrations - Third-Party APIs
  • Language - node.js, react (Next js), Mongo DB
  • Libraries - Shopify App Bridge, Polaris


  • Shopify Developers
  • Front/Back-end Developers
  • Project Lead
  • Scrum Master
  • Project Coordinators


  • Finance

Client Overview

Our client is one of the leading financial technology company based in Canada that offers point-of-sale financing solutions to consumers and businesses. They provide services like instalment payment plans and revolving credit lines to simplify purchases at participating retailers.

Their primary product is a credit card; customers can present it at checkout and choose the desired payment plan or financing option.

They aim to provide a convenient and accessible financing solution to customers, allowing them to spread out their payments over time and manage their budgets effectively.


The client seeks a solution to identify and prevent deception on their e-commerce payment portal. They want to implement measures to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions when customers use their credit cards for payments in the e-commerce portal.


Tychons development team successfully developed and published an application on the Shopify App Store, utilizing Node.js for the backend and React for the front end. The application incorporates an address verification score as an administrative feature for merchants, enabling them to identify potential scam by marking customer transactions based on specific criteria.

Each transaction is assigned a score of up to 100%, which is determined by parameters such as shipping address match, country or region, customer credit score on the portal, phone number validation, and more.


Implementing the address verification score feature enhanced to reduce the fake entries, mitigating financial risks and promoting customer trust, ultimately leading to improved security and operational efficiency for the credit card company and associated merchants.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Security: The app developed by Tychons on Shopify provides a robust system to secure transactions, ensuring that merchants can confidently process credit card payments.

Fraud Detection: By incorporating address verification as part of the app's functionality, Tychons enables the fintech company to identify potential illegal activities effectively. This proactive approach allows merchants to take necessary actions and mitigate risks associated with false transactions.

Peace of Mind for Merchants: With the app's secure transaction framework and deception detection capabilities, merchants can offer their customers a safe payment environment. This builds trust and confidence, leading to stronger merchant-customer relationships.

Reduced Financial Losses: The app's ability to identify potential corrupted transactions helps the fintech company and merchants minimize financial losses from unauthorized or spam credit card payments. This protection is vital for the financial stability and growth of the business.

Streamlined Operations: The seamless integration of the app on Shopify simplifies the transaction process for merchants, enabling them to focus on their core business operations. The address verification feature enhances operational efficiency by automating scam detection and minimizing manual intervention.

Overall, Tychons successful development and launch of the app on Shopify for the Canadian fintech company provide significant benefits, including enhanced security, fraud detection, peace of mind for merchants, reduced financial losses, and streamlined operations.